From Oktober 27, 2017
to August 31, 2018

MAINS (Mathematik-Informatik-Station)
Laureate Forum Heidelberg

Kurfürstenanlage 52

D-69115 Heidelberg

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Matheliebe – INTERACTIVE:

The Matheliebe smartphone app (Android 4/iOS 5) invites you to go on a voyage of exploration. It will give you the answers to the questions in the participation sheets ("Own activities") as well as videos and animations. Simply scan the QR-Code – also works on the screen – and the solution is displayed.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,…

Symmetry: a feature of beauty.  

In everyday life, what we typically mean by "symmetry" is bilateral symmetry – the preservation of shape after a right-left exchange, as we see it when we look into a plane mirror. Up and down are determined by gravity, and front and back by locomotion. Bilateral symmetry is what humans and animals largely possess.  

The Greek word symmetros means matching, well-proportioned, regular. In the extensive meaning of the word, symmetry means measurement relations that fit each other. What all symmetries have in common is that a certain shape or property stays the same despite changes. Symmetry is a feature of beauty, since things that are regular, in proper dimensions, repeating convey orientation. Who does not love the regularity of a heartbeat? Maybe you will only become aware when your pulse leaves its rhythm in the hall of mirrors.

Own activity: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,…